Anamirta paniculata Colebr. // Anamirta cocculus (L.) Wight & Arn.

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#1: Picrotoxin in fruits #2: 1.2 % of picrotoxin in the seeds ethanol extract #3: methyl picrotoxate in fruits #4: Three isoquinoline alkaloids: L-8-Oxotetrahydropalmatine 0.0008%, oxypalamatine 0.0005% and stepharine 0.0008 % in stem #5: triterpene saponins in the stem MeOH extract #6: picrotoxinin, methyl picrotoxate, picrotin, dihydroxypicrotoxinin, picrotoxic acid in seeds #7: Isoquinoline alkaloids in stem and roots
Endpoint Studies
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